A style guide part II

Now for one of my favorite bikini styles..

I fell in love with a similar cut while traveling through Central America... I am sure at least one of you has visited Playa Negra on the pacific side of Costa Rica....am I right?!

The most beautiful South American women would surf in these itty bitty bottoms, shaped similiar to a thong, but with a fuller front and more coverage on the bum. I was baffled at how growing up in such a beachy surf town these styles were scarce, if even existed at all.

After returning to California I played around with several variations. Starting with a fuller front and slowly graduating to a smaller cut. I mentioned before about the "balance" in a suit, I find certain body types are more flattering with thinner or thicker sides on the hips. So there are many options to choose from while still getting that form fitting, extra flattering cut on the tush.

The bottoms featured below have mesh panels on the sides to give a more slimming look. The Playa Negra Fortuna bottoms, now available in the shop are the same cut minus panels on the side.


 What are your favorite styles!?

What are your favorite styles!?