a style guide part I

One of the best parts about creating limited edition pieces is the amount of variation of styles you can come up with from one "favorite cut".

Over here at rosa swim, we develop all the patterns and so the possibilities are endless! Different body types tend to be more flattering in different styles, plus depending on the activity or day, different cuts are necessary... I love those tinnier cheeky styles for tanning and sometimes a fuller boy cut bottom for a family day or when you just need a little extra coverage. ; )

Not to mention my golden rule when it comes to the "balance" of a swimsuit. Maybe its a libra thing but I think there is a science to choosing a top and bottom combo. ie: a bandeau and a Santa Teresa style are always a favorite (more coverage on the bottom, less on the top) Or a fuller coverage top with some itty bitty bottoms- perfect balance!

Here is our first introduction to "The Santa Teresa" style bottom. Now over the next few months you may see variations of this style, but the cut of the bum will always stay the same.