To all my lovely bikini loving ladies…


Over the past three years I have been lucky enough to pursue my great love as a swimwear artist, seamstress, and businesswoman.

Nothing brings me more joy than finding the perfect suit for the perfect lady.


All patterns constructed myself, after much trial and error, due to perfectionism and the great fear of the “baggy diaper bottoms.” The majority of fabrics used are cast offs that may have never had the opportunity to be brought to life.  They are hand picked and often times only a yard or two is found!

 >>> Leaving you with something that is completely one of a kind. . . oh, AND eco friendly.


I still have some very special (new) pieces left in stock and will be available for purchase in the online shop real soon.


Much love to all the loyal bikini loves out there who have kept tabs on my work over the past few years. Can’t wait to find you all that dream suit and excited to share the many (many) ideas I have in store.