Hi! Iā€™m Rose, the one-woman show behind rosa swim.

As a southern California native, my summer uniform consisted primarily of a bikini. However, I still struggled to find a suit that embodied three key elements; fit, fabrication, and textile design. 

While the art of creating swimwear from pattern to finish has become less common, I have honed my skills through a series of pattern-making classes, consulting with veterans of the trade, and finally at a nine-week intensive bra-making course, taught by one of the original bra-making pattern experts. 

Rosa Swim was born from popular demand for the reversible, one-offs, constructed from unconventional fabrics. Tops so comfortable they double as bras and fabric so unique it can be worn in, and out of the water.

In order to ensure the best fit, I draft all patterns (that paper thing that serves as the blueprint for the suit) and travel far and wide to find the perfect fabrics. Mainly using deadstock, fabric remnants that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. 

I try my best to offer a full size range but due to the fact that I design, draft and sew everything myself, often only one suit is made and additional sizes are made to order. It is not my intention to discriminate against other sizes! For now I focus more on creating specific styles for those that best match those body types. As a pattern maker (and perfectionist!) I work to develop the very best fit and this is why sizing can be limited.

I tell clients when you find your rosa suit, its similar to finding the perfect vintage piece. There is only one, and it was meant for you!